CCC Test Two

___________________ is a term describing computer output that includes sound, text, graphics,

movies, and animation.

__________________ is the one which carries data between the different components of the


CTRL+X key combination with CTRL+V is used to

What command is used to move a file from one location to another?

____uses the MAC address

In an email address the characters after @ represents

File extension of Microsoft Access 2007. is an example of

___________can not be considered spyware because a user knows about its and their existence in its computer.

Website is a collection of

___________is used to write the webpage.

A word that looks underlined on a web page is usually what?

Which of the following can be one of the components of a PowerPoint slide?

Netscape Navigator is not an________

Node means

Footer: An area at the

Typical bandwidth of optical fibers is

Devices on one network can communicate with devices on another network via a________

Who co -founded Hotmail in 1996 and then sold the company to microsoft

The internet 's language transfer Control Protocol over Internet Protocol is usually referred to as

If a new device,such as a printer or scanner is attached to a computer,its___________ must be installed before the device can be used.

How will you identify default printer name among several listed printer names?

The Hexadecimal system has base

DOS is an OS of the following type?

Client is

To left align a paragraph, position the cursor on any line within the __________ and click on the Align Right button

The best way to get rid of the Office Assistant and prevent him from coming back is

A gigabyte represents

Signature file in an email is

Processing information involves


Data transfer rate in modms is measured in

___________ could be enabled by using the Internet

What is a NIC ?

For data transmission on standard telephone line must have a dail-up modem.

Which of the following memories must be refreshed many times per second ?

A hard copy would be prepared on a

A _________ is a series of slides displayed in a particular sequence

Wordpad is a

Italics allows you to emphasize text by

CPU Consists of

During a slide show, pressing "S"

The best way to present information containing text and numeric data is to use

In power point, hyperlinks can be provided from one slide to another by using?

Power point is a components of______ suite

The ipv6 stands for

The pstn is an example of a___________network,

Outbox contains

The programs in the Netscape communicator suite provide

What is the world wide web?


Course on computer concept. This test is a sample test for those who want to appear in Course on Computer concepts Examination of National Institute of Electronics. This test has questions based on Computer Fundamental and Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Internet



Wordpad is a text editor program

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sir thanks

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Uma Shanker .

Answers of Question 39 and 48 is wrong.

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Aman singh

how will you spesify slide timing to aslid

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Aman singh

what is an action button?

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nice test

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"ccc"is most course in internetr.

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