Test 1 (Computer Fundamental)

1. Which one is not a computer language?

What is equal to 1 Megabyte?

Monitor is a device

What is the name of third Generation technology?

Which is default date format of computer?

Computer understand only.

Smallest unit of Memory measurment in computer is .

Title Bar appears always at

How many direction key a standard keyboard has?

MS Dos is a

RAM is a

F1 is use to

System date means

Disk capacity of a Compact Disk is

Run is used to

16. Desktop computers comes in which category?

Insert key is used to

The binary number system has a base

Which of the following holds the ROM, RAM and Processor?

Which one of the folowing is secondary storage device?

Which one of the following is not an input device?

Which one of the following memory or storage is volatile?

CD - ROM drive use

1 Kilo Bits is

RAM Means

Windows XP is

Which Application have single document interface?

Which one is neccesary for normal working of computer

Which one is not neccesary for normal working of computer?

Monitor is also known as

Extension of Notepad is

Shortcut for renaming file & folder

Main Memory stores

Software designed for a specific purpose is called as

Logical operations in a computer is done by

Extension of Ms Access 2007 is

One of the following is not an output device

Error of the software left by mistake of computer progrmaer is called

An optical mark reader (OMR) is

Laser Printer resolution is specified in terms of

Speed of a computer processor is specified in terms of

Which one of the following is not hardware

Operating System is

Which device is used to evalute sheets which have pencile darken circles?

Functions of operating system are

Which file extensions indicate only Image

Which commands is used to create a directory

Which one is CLI operating system

The Bar which appears at the top of the window is known as

File extension of MS Poer point.


Course on computer concept. This test is a sample test for those who want to appear in Course on Computer concepts Examination of National Institute of Electronics. This test has questions based on Computer Fundamental and Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Internet.




2026 days 10 hours ago

Priyam Shrivastava

how many student has come in class in online

2178 days 6 hours 6 minutes ago

Jefferson Yadao

Guys, 1KiloBits = 1000 bits right? There's something wrong in the correct answers.

2260 days 9 hours 18 minutes ago

Camionio Tarrio

Grammar is way off, which makes test questions and answers hard to understand.

Needs to be fixed so that others do not run into this problem as well.

P.S. you obviously will never understand english

2396 days 16 hours 28 minutes ago

Sk Bais

what is full farm CLI dos system (in your objective question)

2398 days 3 hours 1 minutes ago


Windows xp is operating system
please correct it

2428 days 23 hours 41 minutes ago


Time Table CCC nu Tran divas thi jov chu dekhatu nathi

2659 days 22 minutes ago


Thank you so much..

3070 days 22 hours 56 minutes ago

Sarbjit Singh

very help full thanxxxxxxx......

3140 days 4 hours 37 minutes ago

Udhaya Chandran

thanks for arrange this to the responsibile authorities .....
and share your friends also students to make as a noble time.....

3193 days 23 hours 47 minutes ago

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