Human Anatomy & Physiology (2) Online Test

The study of the stages involved in embryo formation is?

______ tissue provides physical protection, controls permeability, and produces specialized secretions.

Parallel arrays of collagen fibers are:

Elastic cartilage is

Dense irregular connective tissue

Cardiac muscle is

The skeletal stiffness performs all of the following functions except

You find an animal bone while hiking. It is longer than it is wide. How would you classify it?

If a child has a vitamin D deficiency, what condition is likely to result?

Which of the following describes a comminuted fracture?

The main reason osteoporosis is most common in elderly women is their lack of

In the limbs, most bones are

What type of cell has up to 50 nuclei and a ruffled border?

Which of the following is/are not part of the axial skeleton?

The foramen magnum is found in which bone?

The ______ does not/do not begin to develop until a child begins to walk.

There ______ are cervical vertebrae in the vertebral column.

There are eight cranial bones including the

Which bone bears weight in the lower leg.

If you are studying the anatomy of the arm (including all of the muscles, nerves blood vessels, etc…), the type of anatomy you are studying is:


Cells that resorb bone matrix are:

Circumferential lamellae

Which cells have a ruffled border and secrete hydrochloric acid?

Which of these does not promote bone deposition?

Which of these is a facial bone

The nasal septum is composed partly of the same bone as

Compared to the male pelvis, the pelvis of a female

All of the following are carpal bones except

Range of motion is determined by:


Epithelial tissue can be classified

Cuboidal epithelium

Connective tissue

The four groups of tissues are

Glandular epithelium

Pseudostratified columnar epithelium

Merocrine secretion

Connective tissue

Dense regular connective tissue

The three varieties of cartilage are:

Muscle cells

The skin

Sweat glands

The skin functions


A bone which grows inside a tendon is

A long bone

Postnatal bone growth that increase the length of bones



What is outside the cell?

What is extracellular fluid?

What is the extracellular matrix?

______ are cells and extracellular substances that are closely associated and work together to accomplish a common function.

What are the categories of histology?

Close spaces between cells and is located amoung cells that form linings

Forms "spot welds" between cells and is located amoung outer skin cells

Tubular channels between cells and is located in cardiac muscle cells

Which junction is especially in the heart and shares cytoplasm?

Simple _______ epithelium line vessels throughout the body.

Simple _______ epitherlium are located in the kidney tubules, glands, and thyroid gland.

Simple ___________ epithelium are located in the brochioles of the lungs, stomach, intestines, and gallbladder.

__________ secrete hormones in the blood and acts locally.

______ composed of cells that are specialized to produce and secrete substances.

______ fixes cells, is the most common cell, large and star shaped, and also produces fibers.

_____ is a fixed cell, releases heprin, and releases histamine.

______ wandering cell, phagocytic, important to immunity, and prevention of infection

Types of connective tissue fibers

What are the major types of connective tissue?

Connective tissue is mostly

What helps link epithilium to connective tissue?

Nervous tissue consits of

What recieves messages?

What sends messages?

What is the "shock absorber" cartilage that resists streches and compression?

Which type of cartilage supports, is flexible, allows bone growth, and remodels and repars?

What is the formation of bones?

What maintains bone?

What forms bone?

What is a mutation in the collagen gene?

Which type of bone is more important for remodeling?

_________ plates the grow until puberty

What does bone form when broken to repair?


Integumentary System
Skeletal System
Axial Skeleton
Appendicular Skeleton

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