What is Self Esteem? Quiz by Sandra Graves Online Test

What is self esteem?
Self esteem is what others think of you.
Self esteem is the opinion a person have about their self image.
Self esteem is knowing that no one has as much talent as you do.
Low or high self esteem is triggered by:
The amount of friends we have in your life.
The way we were treated as children by our parents.
The area in town you live in.
Low self-esteem keeps you from enjoying life.
A healthy self-esteem is:
Understanding that whatever happened to us, will happen to our kids.
Knowing we can't trust anyone but ourselves.
Accepting responsibilities for our own actions.
Low self-esteem is...
Asking friends to go shopping with me.
Having difficulty solving problem and having fear of the future.
Learning to forget about your past pains.
Experiences from our childhood...
are irrelevant factors when it comes to understanding self esteem.
determines the level of self esteem I have in my life today.
has no impact on my future.
Self estee is not modifiable by any means.
TRUE: because of my childhood experiences, my self esteem not change.
FALSE: self esteem is modifiable in all aspects of my life.
Self esteem is the same as vanity.
TRUE: its accepting who I am and knowing I am better than most people.
FALSE: self esteem is caring about myself and others, vanity is caring only about me.
I am confortable in my own skin.
I sometimes feel it is true.
I wish this statement was true.
Yes that is very true for me.
When I think about my past I...
Hurt again.
I enjoy many memories.
I with I could forget them.


Self esteem is part of our everyday life and understanding it is vital. This is a quiz to test your knowledge regarding your understanding of self esteem. When you are finished, take a look at the results and analyze your understanding, only you know your heart.


marina skokova

Without my overestimating myself, I'm sorry, I feel there are some grammatical mistakes both in this test's questions and answers.
Regards, M.

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