CCC Exam Test

First Generation computer used :

Alignment buttons are available on the _____ toolbar.

When numbers are typed inside a cell in Excel, the default alignment is:

The Internet uses :

By Default Microsoft Word 2007 Extension is :

A plotter is :

The binary number system has a base

The first page that you normally view at a Web site is its:

A floppy disk contains

Which of the following is a part of the Central Processing Unit

A client program used to access the Internet services and resources available through the World Wide Web.

First Electronic Computer was :

Smallest unit is :

The ______ is also called the brain of the computer.

1 Gigabyte = -------------

Second Generation Computer used :

Example of first generation Computer :

A __________ comprises of many such instructions clubbed together.

Father of computers :

Punched card was used for :

The first calculating device was :

Who developed the ENAIC

How many types of buses are there in the computer

________________ computer can understand & execute .

The widely used code in data communication is

1 byte is :

Non volatile memory is :

CD-ROM drives uses :-

the resolution of printer is specified in terms of

Linux operating system is an example of :-

Baud stands for

Find the odd term

What is the shortcut key of 'Thesaurus' in MS word

What is the shortcut key of "Cut" function in MS word

Shortcut key for 'Superscript' in MS word

Use of Print area in MS Excel :

In MS excel 'Absolute Referencing' is

Logical function in MS excel:

Shortcut key of 'Macro' in MS excel

For refreash window we use shortcut

We use the 'compare and merge' options in which condition in MS excel :

Shortcut key for open My Computer

Physical layer is __________ in OSI model.

For a web site, need to buy web space from

FTP is used for

The Internet standard is :

The Binary Number system has a base

For creating a graphic we use

For Preview Slide show in Power point we use

Extension of Power point 2003 is

In Spreadsheet , which one is invalid:

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