2018 FIFA World Cup would be held in

Who wrote the line: ' A thing of beauty is a joy forever'

Pick out the most effective word(s) from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

The miser gazed ...... at the pile of gold coins in front of him

S1: All the land was covered by the ocean.

P : The leading god fought the monster, killed it and chopped its body in to two halves.

Q : A terrible monster prevented the gods from separating the land from the water.

R : The god made the sky out of the upper part of the body and ornamented it with stars.

S : The god created the earth from the lower part, grew plants on it and populated it with animals.

S6: The god moulded the first people out of clay according to his own image and mind.

The Proper sequence should be:

198, 194, 185, 169, ?

3, 4, 7, 7, 13, 13, 21, 22, 31, 34, ?

A System in which a transaction access and updates a file quickly enough to affect the original decision making is called

Two trains of equal length are running on parallel lines in the same direction at 46 km/hr and 36 km/hr. If the faster train passes the slower train in 36 seconds,what is the length of each train?

The average monthly income of A and B is Rs. 5050. The average monthly income of B and C is Rs. 6250 and the average monthly income of A and C is Rs. 5200. What is the monthly income of A?

If x and y are positive integers such that (3x + 7y) is a multiple of 11, then which of the followings are divisible by 11?

The angle of elevation of a ladder leaning against a wall is 60º and the foot of the ladder is 4.6 m away from the wall. The length of the ladder is:

The H.C.F. of two numbers is 23 and the other two factors of their L.C.M. are 13 and 14. The larger of the two numbers is:

In each of the following questions find out the alternative which will replace the question mark.

CUP : LIP :: BIRD : ?

Pointing to a photograph of a boy Suresh said, "He is the son of the only son of my mother." How is Suresh related to that boy?

A, B, C, D and E are sitting on a bench. A is sitting next to B, C is sitting next to D, D is not sitting with E who is on the left end of the bench. C is on the second position from the right. A is to the right of B and E. A and C are sitting together. In which position A is sitting ?

Batch processing is also known as

Which of the following systems run an application layer firewall using proxy software?

The connection between your computer at home and your local ISP is called -

The operating system called UNIX is typically used for -

What is the commonly used unit for measuring the sped of data transmission?


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