Basic Physics Online Test

The energy of a moving object is

Newton,s first law is also known as

An exaample of an object having elasic potential energy is

The distance travelled by the freely falling body is proportional to the

One watt is equal to the one

Calculate the work done on a 2-N when it is lifted to the height of 2-m.

The change of metter from one phase to an other phase is

The S.I drived unit of electrict charge is

To heat 1g of water by the 1 degree celsius requires

When one bulb goes out, and other bulbs remains lit in a


This test contains grade 9th physics with the basic of following topics Forces and motion,Work and energy,Phases of matter ,S.I units,Kinematics. Only for those who want to increase marks % in class test and final exams.
More the Knowledge lesser then the Ego And more the Ego
lesser then the Knowledge.


Physics  Motion

Adnan Shah
Experienced Teacher Math,Physics,Chemistry for grade 10th
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