Science Olympiad, Class-6 Online Test

The organ through which dolphin breathe is _______________.

Which of the following is a ripened ovary of a flower?

Which part of the seed gives rise to the shoot of the new plant?

Which of the following is only a physical change?

Which of the reproductive parts of flowers belong to the female part?

Materials through which electricity current cannot flow are called _______________.

A person suffered from a disease and the kidneys got completely damaged. What effect will be shown in the body?

What is the function of stem tendrils present in some plants?

Which of the following units is not SI unit?

Revolution of earth around the sun is _______________________.


This is a multiple choice based science test for class-6 students. This will be helpful for class 6 students preparing for different science olympiads. There are 10 questions in this test. Each questions have four choices, out of which only one is correct answer. There is time restriction for this test



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Pravin Prajapati

Are you all people amul ?? these are so easy Questions post some hard ones if you all people dare

2308 days 21 hours 11 minutes ago

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