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The part of the computer that transforms line voltage (i.e. 110-240v.) to voltage compatible with the system board (i.e. 3-5v.).
Surge Protector
Pwer Reducer
Power Supply
The primary permanent storage device is called:
Hard Drive
Hard Disk
Pen Drive
Either A and B, though A is the correct term.
A byte is ______ bits.
CPU stands for:
Central Processing Unit
Central Production Unit
Capability Processing Unit
None of the above
1064 bytes is
Equivalent to 17024 bits
a kilobyte
both a and b
None of the above
If a computer suddenly reboots without warning, the likley cause is:
The power cord is loose
The power supply is overheating
The RAM memory card is bad or loose
Any of the above
Disk partitions are:
The portion of the hard disk that contains the Master Boot Record
The portion of the hard disk that contains the file allocation Table (FAT)
A way to divide a single hard disk into different sections so that each one appears as a single drive
none of the above
An example of an optical drive is:
A pen or flash drive
An SD memory card
A CD drive
A hard drive
Binary is:
All computer data is stored as 1's and 0's
A bit is the physical representation
1 + 1 = 10
All of the above
Megahertz is:
1000 times faster than a Kilohertz
One million hertz
Both A and B
None of the above
Static electricity:
Can be 1000's of volts
Can damage critical parts of the computer
Cannot be safely discharged without hurting yourself
Both and and B
Electrical grounding refers to:
The round prong on a 3 prong electrical cord
The 'return path' of electricity to the earth
Both A and B
None of the above
A R/W CD is:
Read many, write once
Read many, write many
Read once, write many
Read once, write once
input output output output primary (RAM) storage secondary (permanent) Storage ? ? is:
Human Input Device (HID)
When a file on a drive is no longer stored in contiguous sectors, it is:
The old IDE drives are now being replaced by:
EIDE drives
Parallel drives
RAID drives
USB stands for:
Universal Service Bus
Universal Serial Bios
Universal Serial Bus
None of the above
A typical graphics card would be a
AGP card
VGA card
A way to relieve the CPU from some of the processing load
All of the above
CPU processing speed is measured in
All of the above
Which is generally the fastest throughput?
Reading from a hard drive
Reading from a USB drive
Reading from a CD drive
Reading from a RAM chip
BIOS stands for:
Basic Input/Output System
Basic Input/Output Service
Basic Identifying Object System
None of the above
Which of the following does NOT lose power when the computer is turned off
Power Supply
Power Switch
All of the above
A monitor, mouse and keyboard have this in common:
They are peripherals
They have an on/off button
They use optical mechanisms
None of the above
What is the most harmful to a computer?
My little brother
Running continuosly
Hooking the keyboard to the mouse port
What is a way to cool the CPU?
A CPU fan
A heat sink
Move the computer to a well-ventilated location
All of the above
What is an operating system (OS)?
A programmed set of instructions (software) that perform functions such as interpreting user inputs, file reads and writes, outputs to printers and operation of various applications.
It is located on the BIOS
It is a set of pre-programmed instructions located on the ROM and guides the inital boot up of the computer
A Macintosh computer is one example
What keeps the CMOS from losing its configuration settings?
The system board
The power supply
A battery
Another name for the system board is:
RAM circuit board
Power board
CPU controller board


This tests your knowledge of some of the basics of computer hardware.



It was a good variety of questions.... got 25 out of 28

613 days 8 hours 39 minutes ago

kanishka ,

U idiot 1 kilobyte is 1024 bytes not 1064......

1817 days 9 hours 24 minutes ago



1881 days 6 hours 18 minutes ago


this is a good hardware knowledge
thanking you

2117 days 8 hours 10 minutes ago


Question 11:

d) says; "Both and and B"

needs to be fixed!

2133 days 20 hours 42 minutes ago


A fairly good test. Somethings were oddly worded and unclear. The question with the picture wasn't very well executed. All in all a decent practice test though.

2235 days 23 hours 8 minutes ago


this test has an incorrect answer. A kilobyte is equal to 1024 bytes, not 1064.

2308 days 16 hours 53 minutes ago


it is very good for hardware students

2425 days 13 hours 59 minutes ago

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