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To classify a loan as part of priority sector, the maximum advance that can be allowed to retail trade is restricted to
Rs.20 lac in case of essential commodities and no ceiling for general goods
Rs.20 lac in case of general goods and no ceiling for essential commodities
Rs.20 lac in case of general goods and Rs.20 lac for essential commodities
No ceiling in case of general goods and no ceiling for essential commodities
The term seri-culture relates to which of the following:
production of fruit crops
production of sea products
production of silk
multiplication of plants through artificial methods
A loan of Rs.4 lac was sanctioned during April 2007 and it started showing irregularity in the month of Oct 2007. This account will be classified as ____ as on Mar 31, 2009:
special mention account
sub-standard account
doubtful up to one year
doubtful above 1 year but up to 3 year
Which of the following accounts is not eligible for action by the bank under SARFAESI Act?
loan for purchase of tractor
loan with a balance of Rs.94355
loan against hypothecation of stocks
loan against mortgage of a commercial property
Rate of interest on pre-shipment credit in foreign currency is linked to ____ and it is presently plus___:
LIBOR, 350 basis points
Bank Rate, 350 basis points
LIBOR, 100 basis points
LIBOR, 250 basis points
KYC guidelines have been issued by RBI under provisions of :
Section 21 of Banking Regulation Act
Section 35 of Banking Regulation Act
Section 35 A of RBI Act
none of the above
X deposited some amount in his saving bank account but he forgot to give particulars of the account. The bank is unable to credit the amount to his account. The relationship between bank and customer in this case is:
debtor and creditor
creditor and debtor
trustee and beneficiary
no relationship as the transaction is incomplete
HUF cannot be a partner in a partnership firm as per Supreme Court Judgments. The judgments in based on the premise that :
HUF is a legal person with Karta as its head, but other coparceners are not liable
HUF is not a legal person and cannot enter into such agreement that makes it liable for the action of others.
HUF is not competent to enter into any contract with outsiders and make it liable for the actions of others
HUF cannot enter into any contract with outsiders
Bank B has received an attachment order in the name of Z at 1 pm. The order will be applicable on which of the following:
Z deposited Rs.5000 for preparing a demand draft
Z deposited Rs.3000 around 2 pm in his account
Z has a fixed deposit of Rs.2 lac as a collateral security for a cash credit limit in the name of the firm in which he is a partner
Z has a personal overdraft account limit of Rs.1 lac which is lying unutilised
The current ratio of a firm is 2.5:1. Its net working capital is 150. What is the amount of current assets:
insufficient information
Stamp duty payment on which of the following types of bills of exchange is not exempted:
a demand bill
a usance export bill
a usance bill up to 90 days’ usance where bank is a party
none of the above
The maximum loan that a bank can grant against shares of a particular company is restricted to:
30% of capital of the bank or 30% of the capital of the company, whichever is lower
30% of capital and reserves of the bank or 30% of the capital of the company, whichever is lower
30% of net worth of the bank or 30% of the capital of the company, whichever is lower
30% of capital fund of the bank or 30% of the capital of the company, whichever is lower
Customer opened the account on Sep 12, 2008 and issued two cheques on Sept 15, 2009. The cheques are dated Sep 01, 2008 and Oct 01, 2008. These are presented for payment in clearing on Sept 27, 2008:
none of these cheques can be paid
cheque dated Sep 01, 2008 will be paid
cheque dated Oct 01, 2008 can be paid but cheque dated Sep 01, 2008 cannot be paid
Both the cheques can be paid
Mr N issued cheque for Rs 8000/- and left some blank space after the amount in words and figures and gave it to his clerk. His clerk added one zero after amount written in figures and Y in the amount written in words, making it as eighty and 80000/-. The account is debited for 80000/-. Who is responsible?
there is material alteration and bank is negligent. Hence bank liable.
there is forgery due to which the bank is liable
customer is negligent in writing the cheque due to which the alteration has taken place, hence customer is liable for the loss.
since bank has paid the amount of an altered cheque and customer was negligent, the loss to be borne by both of them equally.
Which of the following is correct in connection with RTGS timings for customer transactions on Saturdays:
9 am to 1 pm
9 am to 12.30 pm
9 am to 12 pm
9 am to 11 pm


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