IGCSE/GCSE/CXC/GCE O level- Covalent bonding Online Test

Covalent bonds are formed between

Atoms in covalent bonding

some non metals such as hydrogen and chlorine exist as

The ratio of nitrogen to hydrogen atoms in ammonia is

Simple covalent structures have

Two examples of giant covalent structures are

Diamond and graphite are also referred to as

Graphite is the only non-metal to conduct electricity. This is because it has

How many covalent bonds does each carbon atom form in diamond?

A new form of carbon was discovered in 1985, made up of molecules containing 60 carbon atoms. It was named Buckminster......


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Sameer Khose

it was too easy. .level 1 may be. .we shud be goin for level 2 and 3 for deeper enhancement. .anyway thanx a lot for setting the test. .it wud boost confidence in me and others. .:)

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Jessica Oura
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