XI_Maths_Complex numbers_12 Online Test

If at least one value of the complex number  satisfy the condition  and the inequality, then _____.
None of the above
If  then  equals to _____.
Let  and  be nth roots of unity which are ends of a line segment that subtend a right angle at the origin. Then n must be of the form _____.
4k + 1
4k + 2
4k + 3
Length of the line segment joining the points  and  is _____.
The equation  represents a circle if _____.
None of the above
If  are complex numbers such that    then is _____.
Equal to 1
Less than 1
Greater than 3
Equal to 3
Let  and  be the two non-zero complex numbers such that  and . Then  is equal to _____.
If  and are complex numbers representing the vertices of two triangles such that  and , where r is a complex number, then the two triangles _____.
Have the same area
Are similar
Are congruent
None of the above
The roots of  are _____.
None of the above
Given that the equation  where  are real and non-zero has a real root, then _____.

This test is for AIEEE and IIT JEE preparation.

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