Use of A,AN THE What I value the most Online Test

1. John is --------- Urdu teacher.

2. He is ---------- best teacher in my school.

3. He is from ------------- Canada.

4. All -------- students like him.

5. He gave us ----------- surprise test yesterday.

6. He wants me to become ------------- teacher.

7. Last year he took us to --------- movie.

8. It was not ------- Hindi movie. It had subtitles.

9. He writes -------- lots of short stories

10. I have to learn -------- use of Urdu phrases.

I want to be like him.

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Learn the proper use of Articles. A, AN, THE. They are the weak forms of adjectives. They are based on the study of Countable and Uncountable nouns.They also help in an understanding of the relation between a noun and an adjective in a sentence . It is essential to use the right form as it helps in strengthening the use of the language and enhances proper understanding of the situation.

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