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How many times is “Then which of the blessings of your Lord will you both deny” repeated in Surah Al-Rahman

Surah al- Rahman has everything mentioned in duality except for ar-Ra?man:

Apart from Stars, what else does Najm refers to?

Surah Al-Rahman is only the only Surah to begin with a name of Allah that is an ayah by itself:

Which companion chose Surah Al-Rahman as the first Surah to be recited publicly to the Quraysh?

Which surah did the prophet used to recite with Surah Al-Rahman in his tahajjud?

One off the blessings of Surat Al-Ra?man is, that it is the beginning of the Mufassal according to the majority opinion:

The Makkans were called “ghafiloon” because:

The combined meaning of “Al ‘Azizur-Rahman” implies that Allah’s mercy is His strength, not a weakness:

“Tanzil” comes from “nazzala,” which means…

It is permissible for us to swear by the Qur’an:

How many letters did Allah use for the Huruf al-Muqatta'at?

Verses from Surah Ya-Sin have NOT been used in which of the following incidents?

Reciting Surah Ya-Sin over the dead is a bid’a:

What is an Athar?

Surah Ya-Sin falls under which of the following categories of Surahs?

What is the main theme of Surah Ya-SIn?

Surah Ya-Sin a Makki Surah:

Which of the following is not another name of Surah Ya-Sin?

It is haram to change the name of a Surah

Where do the names of surahs come from?

Tafsir is a science that can be done by…

What is the fourth level of understanding the Quran?

What is the third level of understanding the Quran?

What is the second level of understanding the Quran

What is the first level of understanding the Quran?

How many levels can the Quran be understood at?

Mizaan refers only to the balance or scale

The opinion in the class regarding the duality in “then which of the blessings of your Lord will you both deny” is that the duality refers to?

One of the ways to reject Allah’s blessings, according to Ibn Al-Qayyim, is to not thank Him properly for them:

Salsaal is dark hardened clay that has been changed:

Jannah has 7 doors and Jahannam has 8 doors:

An interpretation for "all the easts and all the wests", is that the sun rises and sets on a different latitude every day:

In Surah Al-Rahman Allah says that he created water for us:

In Surah Al-Rahman, Allah says that He placed a barrier between the two seas that no one can transgress. An interpretation for this is that the barrier is the Arabian peninsula:


Almaghrib Institute has been benefiting Muslims all over the world for 10 years now Alhumdulillah. This exam is from Durbah, the New Jersey chapter of Almaghrib Institute. Denial is a seminar about the Tafsir of Surah Ya-Sin & Surah Al-Rahman. This is not the official Almaghrib exam for the seminar, rather it is a practice exam created by Durbah to help students prepare for the actual test.


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