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Who among the following has been appointed the National Security Adviser by the UPA Government ?
Brajesh Mishra
J. N. Daxit
Soli J. Sorabjee
T. K. A. Nair
Which of the following pairs is correctly matched ?
Purna Swaraj? Resolution : 1929
Martyrdom of Sardar Bhagat Singh : 1931
Formation of the Congress Socialist Party: 1939
Simla Confeence : 1940
INS Viraat—the sole aircraft carrier in the Indian Ocean of the Indian Navy will celebrate its ………… in November 2009.
Golden Jubilee
Silver Jubilee
Diamond Jubilee
Platinum Jubilee
Which of the following was/were the objective(s) of the Mission Chandrayaan 1 ? (a) Preparing dimensional atlas of the lunar surface. (b) Chemical Mapping of the entire lunar surface. (c) Locating minerals in the soil of the moon.
Only A
Only B
Only C
All A, B,& C
Which of the following is/are NOT the features of India’s Foreign Trade policy (2004 to 2009)? (a) To double India’s percentage share of global trade from present 0·7 per cent to 1·5 per cent by 2009. (b) Simplifying the procedures and bringing down the cost. (c) Make SAARC countries India’s most preferred foreign trade partners by 2009.
Only A
Only B
Only C
All A, B & C


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