Basic Computer Skills Online Test

Which software application is best suited to typeset a document?

To protect the computer from the bad effects of computer viruses, one has to

Speed of a computer is measured using

An Excel Workbook is a collection of.................

Which key is used to delete the letters/object which is in left of the cursor (insertion point)?

The whole document in Microsoft Word 2010 can be selected using

In Microsoft Word 2010, what is the color used to underline (show) the spelling mistakes in a document?

In Microsoft Word 2010, format painter button is used to


This test design for test the basic Computer knowledge. You can test your knowledge. You can do this several times. If you need you can use test books, web tutorials , you tube tutorials to improve your basic IT . Also you can use wiki pages. In these days there are so many self learning materials on the web.

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