NSO IV Grade 2013 Exam Online Test

The extra food stored as starch which is prepared by leaves and used by plants for their daily activities is stored in ......

Whch of the following is/are GNAWING animals

1 Rat

2 Beaver

3 Squirrel

4 Guinea pig

What is correct regarding WATER?

The animal shown in the given picture are used for transportation in

The axis of the earth is titled at an angle . This is the asnwer or explanation for what

What is needed to be taken to prevent us from scurvy disease and will also help in curing common cold?

We always require containers to store liquid? why?

We add talcum powder on carrom board to reduce.

3/7 = ?/28 Could u compute ?

5 Km 443 m - (minus) ? = 3129 m

The missing value is


Let us gear up for NSO National Science Olympaid, IV Class, I am making the first sample questions for the same . it will have all topics such as Plants, animals, water, transport, earth and universe, human body, matter and material, general activities.

Pawan Rastogi
To teach maths to my son via online system making it useful for other.
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