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Verification is.

A regression is

If an expected result is not specified then

Which of the following could be a reason for failure

1) Testing Fault

2) Software Fault

3) Design Fault

4) Environment Fault

5) Documentation Fault

Test are Prioritized so that

Which of the following is not a static testing technique

Which of the following statements about component testing is not true?

During which test activity could faults be found most cost effectively?

Which in general is the least required skill for good tester?

The purpose of requirement phase is

The process starting with the terminal module is called

The inputs for developing a test plan are taken from

Function/Test Matrix is a type of

Defect management process does not include

What is the difference between testing software developed by contractor outside your country, versus testing software developed by a contractor within your country?

Software testing accounts to what percent of software development costs?

A reliable system will be one that

How much testing is enough

Which of the following is not a charecteristic for Testability

Cyclomatic complexity method comes under which testing method

Which of these can be successfully tested using Loop Testing methodology?

To test a function, the programmer has to write a ______, which calls the function and passes it test data.

Equivalence Partitioning is

When a new testing tool is purchased, it should be used first by

Inspections can find all the following except

SDLC has how many phases?


These questions are very helpful, who are facing interviews in software testing. The software testing professionals also take this exam to test their knowledge. Here i have included some questions which are asked in some international certification tests.

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