Accounts Basics Online Test

Two primary qualitative characteristics of financial statements are

Which of the following is correct?

Which of the following is correct?

Making Provision for Doubtful Debt is an example of:

Debit means:

Credit means:

Journal is a book of

Ledger is a book of:

The process of recording a transaction in the journal is called:

Capital Account is-

Bills Receivable Account is-

Bills Payable Account

Copyright Account is ___________

Investments in shares of ICICI Bank Account is

Prepaid Salary Account is

Goodwill Account is

A withdrawal of goods from business by the proprietor should be credited to :

Cash receipts are recorded:

Bank column of the cash book may show:

Sale Book is a part of---

A Bank Reconciliation Statement is prepared to know the causes for the difference between:

Credit balance in the cash book means:

Payment received by the account holder through a cheque in entered in---

Llimitations of accounting include-

The basic objective of accounting is-


This test covers the accounts basics relating to Journal ledger and trial balance related.This test also covers the questions relating to BRS


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