IGCSE/GCSE/O level Chemistry -Ionic compounds Online Test

Which is the correct description for the mass number?

Ionic bonds involves

Noble gases are stable because

Ionic bonds are formed

Ions are atoms that have

Sulphur atoms change to sulphide ions by

Hydroxide is

Sodium ions and chloride ions bond together

Ionic compounds form

Ionic compounds have

Which one of these is bonded by ionic bonding?


Test your knowledge ionic bonding and ionic structures. Designed around the IGCSE Chemistry syllabus but relevant to anyone doing secondary/high school Chemistry.
Have a go at the other science tests in the my IGCSE series including Physics and Biology. Have fun!


Erick Robinson

umh i have an exam tomorrow and i still dont get polyatpmic atoms any help??????????

2792 days 5 minutes ago

Jessica Oura
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