Company Types Online Test

A company should be registered under which Act

In which year Companies Act is formulated

Public Company Should have a Minimum Paid Capital of

Private Company Should have a Minimum Paid Capital of

If company holds more than 20% and less 50% ownership in another company,Then such company is called as

If majority of Directors of one company is also directors of other company.Then other company will become

The maximum number of members of private company is

The maximum number of members of Public company is

What type of Company is Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)

What type of Company is state Bank of India (SBI)

Which Type of Company is ONGC

Which Type of Company is Reliance Industries

A company started for Charitable Purpose is known as

Which Company can raise deposits/Funds from general Public

Which company cannot be listed in Stock market

Which company is not registered in india but having operations in India

Which type of company prohibts Transfer of shares to public

Which type of company raise money from Public

Which company requires Central Govt. Approval for establishment

If Govt company holds 51% of ownership in another company then the another company will become a


The test covers the basic knowledge on Company Types. To answer the exam we should have basic understanding on what are the types of companies and company law rules for starting the company.

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