SQL and Oracle DB basics Online Test

1)__________ is technical term used for inserting data into DB.

2) If there are 25 tables then how many join conditions will be there.

3) Total information in Oracle is stored under a special kind of structure called_________

4) Which of the following is role of Database Administrator?

5) When view constraints come in picture?

6) ________ are different styles of insertions.

7) _______ DB performance factor is unbeatable by any practical DB in the world.

8) _______ is basic indexing scheme used by Oracle.

9)______ is best corporation in the world designed many types of indexes.

10) In corelated subqueries which query executes first.

11) _________ function is used to convert NULL value into actual value

12) Select initcap('oracle dba') from dual returns________

13) In data formatting models ' D' is used to display______

14) What is the purpose of USERENV function?

15) A sub-query in From clause of select is called________


This test is aimed at determining ones knowledge of basics in SQL and Oracle DB
Please provide feed back after completion of test
Disclaimer: Content, such as images used in the questions (if any), have been picked up from various places for the sole purpose of Instruction.



Please check the answers...

1954 days 11 hours 54 minutes ago


12) D-Oracle Dba.

1954 days 11 hours 56 minutes ago


10) A-Inner query will executes first.

1954 days 11 hours 58 minutes ago


10) A-Inner query will execute first

1954 days 12 hours ago

Dharmendra Jaiswar

what is sql ?

2045 days 2 hours 24 minutes ago

Quoc Tran

good test. Nice and short. :-)

2092 days 17 hours 23 minutes ago

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