Software Testing

What is the purpose of software testing?

2.What is Functinal testing?

What is a Test Scenario?

4.When is UAT being done?

5.-------- is used for tracking the requirements,testcases and defects

6.Pick out a non functional testing

7 Which testing helps to find an application how well works in certain drops in usage

8 when we are using Automation?

9. Spiral model is

10.which one is a manual tool?

11.what you mean by Severity in test cases

12.V model also called as

13.use case is

14 TMM is


One who want to see themselves as QA engineers. This is the basics and a little more deeper lever of testing which may contain both manual and automation. Hope this test will increase your knowledge of software testing. I am not keeping any kind of timer here.You can take your own time. Wishing you all very all the best.



This particular set of questions are definitely dated.

2320 days 8 hours 58 minutes ago


I did not find the questions very clear or helpful.

2320 days 9 hours 2 minutes ago

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