Evaporation and condensation continue simultaneously but the rate of evaporation is ____ the rate of condensation.
Lower than
Higher than
Same as
None of the above
A candy bar has a marked nutritional value of 350 cal. How many kilowatt-hours of energy will it deliver to the body as it is digested?
0.407 kW.h
0.426 kW.h
2.328 kW.h
5.538 kW.h
If 300 kJ of heat is needed to take ice of mass, m=720 g at –10oC to a liquid state at xoC, then xoC is equal to
If 210 kJ heat is supplied to ice of mass m=720 g at –10oC, then what are the final state at 0oC temperature of the water?
580 g water, 140 g ice
500 g water, 220 g ice
475 g water, 245 g ice
450 g water, 270 g ice
Critical temperature of a gas is the temperature below which a gas can be liquefied by
The application of temperature alone
The application of pressure alone
Decreasing the mass of gas
Both (a) and (b)
At the temperatures below the critical temperature there is _______ in the value of PV. With increase in pressure.
Sudden increase
Sudden decrease
No change
None of the above
At the critical point, the rate of change of pressure with volume is zero. This point is called
The point of inflexion
The point of conduction
The point of refrigeration
The point of heat-path function.
The densities of the vapour and the liquid gradually approach each other and their densities are equal at
The boiling point
The melting point
The freezing point
The critical point
The compressibility of the vapour becomes______ at the critical temperature.
Ten times more
According to density-temperature graph,
The density of saturated vapour increases with rise in temperature
The density of liquid increases with rise in temperature
The density of liquid increases with rise in temperature
The density of liquid has no effect with decrease in temperature

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