According to Dulong petit’s law, the average molar heat capacities for all metals except the very lightest are approximately the same and equal to about
25 J.mol-1(oC)-1
30 J.mol-1(oC)-1
20 J.mol-1(oC)-1
35 J.mol-1(oC)-1
The maximum possible efficiency of an engine having two heat reservoirs can be calculated by
Carnot cycle
First law of thermodynamics
Zeroth law of thermodynamics
Planck’s law
According to Gibb’s phase rule N = no. of independent components R = no. Cp – Cv = nRof coexisting faces F = no. of thermodynamic degrees of freedom
F = n+2-r
F = n+2-2r
F = n+2-4r
F= n+2-r/2
At absolute temperature, value of specific heats (Cp and Cv) is
None of the above
Alcohol thermometer is better than the mercury thermometer because
Being lighter than mercury, the errors due to internal pressure are much smaller.
Alcohol requires much less heat to raise its temperature through 1oC.
Expansion of alcohol being smooth and regular leads to accuracy in temperature measurenment.
All of the above
“Every body has a property called temperature. When two bodies are found to be in thermal equilibrium, their temperatures are equal.” The above statement hints at which law of thermodynamics?
Second law
Third law
First law
Zeroth law
A cylinder contains 2L of nitrogen at 20oC and 15 atm. What will be the final pressure of ideal gas if the temperature is raised to 35oC and volume is reduced to 4L?
7.8 atms
8 atms
6 atm
7.5 atm
The efficiency of an autmobile engine is 20% and it operates at 90 cycle per second. If it work at the rate of 120 hp, how much heat does the engine absorb per cycle?
4973 J
4450 J
4282 J
4000 J
According to density-temperature graph,
The density of saturated vapour increases with rise in temperature
The density of liquid increases with rise in temperature
The density of liquid increases with rise in temperature
The density of liquid has no effect with decrease in temperature
The compressibility of the vapour becomes______ at the critical temperature.
Ten times more

This test is based on AIEEE and IIT JEE syllabus.

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