Heat of formation of  is  and  is  The enthalpy change for the reaction  is ____.
196 kJ
– 196 kJ
984 kJ
– 984 kJ
For exothermic reaction, the equilibrium constant ____.
Increases with increase of P
Decreases with increase of P
Increases with increase of temperature
Decreases with increase of temperature
What is  for combustion of 1 mole of benzene, when both the reactants and the products are gas at 298 K?
– 3/2
When the aqueous solution of 0.5 mole  is mixed with the 0.3 mole of  solution, then what is the liberated heat (Enthalpy of neutralization is = 57.1 kJ) ____.
28.5 kJ
17.1 kJ
45.7 kJ
1.7 kJ
Compounds with high heat of formation are less stable because ____.
High temperature is required to synthesise them
Molecules of such compounds are distorted
It is difficult to synthesis them
Energy rich state leads to instability
Heats of combustion  for  and  are  and  respectively. The value of  for the reaction,  is ____.
– 85 kcal
– 111 kcal
– 17 kcal
– 170 kcal
Enthalpy change for a reaction does not depend upon ____.
The physical states of reactants and products
Use of different reactants for the same product
The nature of intermediate reaction steps
The differences in initial or final temperatures of involved substances
What is the weight of oxygen that is required for the complete combustion of 2.8 kg of ethylene?
9.6 kg
96.0 kg
6.4 kg
2.8 kg
How much energy is released when 6 mole of octane is burnt in air? Given  for  and  respectively are – 490,– 240 and + 160 kJ/mol ____.
– 6.2 kJ
– 37.4 kJ
– 35.5 kJ
– 20.0 kJ
The enthalpy change  for the neutralisation of  by caustic potash in dilute solution at  is ____.
68 kJ
65 kJ
57.3 kJ
50 kJ

This test is based on AIEEE and IIT JEE syllabus.

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