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Paramecium feeds through

Lamp Brush chromrsomes occur

The term " Antibiotic " is coined by

Who Coined the term " Genetics "

Who Coined the term " ENTREPRENEUR "

Humoral immunity is mediated by

Ventricular systole is due to the activity of

The most poisonous fish is

The pollination occurs by honey bee in

The correct statement is

In Photorespiration


Most of the entrance tests revolve around these tricky questions which are solved here for PMT preparation in particular the AIPMT, AFMC, AIIMS, AMU, BHU, JIPMER and WB JEE. Set apart, the question are exhibited with the help self explanatory figures



'genetics' was coined by Bateson.What nonesense

2428 days 11 hours 35 minutes ago

Krishnendu M

Answer for 8th que is not's not Morgan but Bateson......

2795 days 2 hours 42 minutes ago


the term GENETICS was cioned by WILLIAM BAETSON and not by MORGAN....

2815 days 2 hours 36 minutes ago

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