Which of the following exemplifies a kinematic link?
Piston rings, piston and connecting rod
Piston rings, piston and cylinder
Piston rings, piston and gudgeon pin
Piston rings, piston, piston rod and cross head
A kinematic pair consists of
pair of elements having line or point contact
pair of elements having surface contact
two elements that permit relative motion
two elements which are mechanically held together
Identify the incorrect combination:
Cross head and guides : sliding pair
A bolt and nut : turning pair
A ball and socket joint : spherical pair
Ball bearing and roller bearing : rolling pair
Point out the screw pair :
tail stock on the lathe bed
lathe spindle supported in head stock
lead screw of a lathe with nut
pen supports joint in a pen stand
Type writer constitutes a
Cam and follower mechanism constitutes a kinematic pair of the type
lower and open
higher and open
lower and closed
higher and closed
A ball and socket joint constitutes a spherical pair having
no degree of freedom
one degree of freedom
two degrees of freedom
three degrees of freedom
A completely constrained motion occurs in case of
circular bar or shaft in a circular hole
motion of an I.C. engine valves
foot step bearing and roller of a vertical turbine
circular shaft, with collars at each end, in a circular hole
The motion of circular rod in a circular hole is an example of
successfully constrained motion
completely constrained motion
partially constrained motion
incompletely constrained motion
The arrangement comprised by a rotating shaft in foot step bearing
does not exemplify a kinematic pair
has incompletely constrained motion
has successfully constrained motion
has completely constrained motion

This test is based on AIEEE and IIT JEE syllabus.

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