A gun is aimed at a target in a line of its barrel. The target is released and allowed to fall under gravity at the same instant the gun is fired. The bullet wills ____.
Pass above the target
Pass below the target
Hit the target
Certainly miss the target
Which of the followings is a wrong statement?
each part of a machine which moves relative to some other part is called kinematic link
The motion of an I.C. engine valve is successfully constrained
A kinematic chain is a combination of kinematic pair in which one link is fixed
When one of the links of a kinematic chain is fixed, the resulting mechanism is known as inversion of the original kinematic chain
A kinematic chain consists of a chain of links
in space with constrained motion
with incompletely constrained motion
with atleast one link fixed and successfully constrained motion
with atleast one link fixed and completely constrained motion
Inversion of a mechanism is
changing of a higher pair to lower pair
obtained by fixing different links in a kinematic chain
turning it upside down
obtained by reversing the input and output motion
Inversions of a kinetic chain
modify relative motion of one link relative to another
completely change the motion of links relative to each other
keep relative motions of links unchanged with respect to one another
have no effect on absolute motion of a link
For a kinematic chain constituted by lower pairs, the number of links l and the number of joins j are correlated by the expression
l = 1(j + 2) 3
l = 2(j + 2) 3
l = 1( j + 2) 2
l = (j + 2)
The number of links l and the number of pairs p in a kinematic chain conform to the relation
l = p – 4
l = 2p – 4
l = 2p + 1
l = 2(p – 1)
If the number of links in a mechanism is 6, the number of pairs would be
Is it possible to have kinematic chain with 5 links and 5 joints?
marginal case
data insufficient to make any prediction
A slider crank chain consists of following number of turning and sliding pairs :

This test is based on AIEEE and IIT JEE syllabus.



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