A Hook’s joint is used t connect
two parallel shafts
two intersecting shafts
two non-parallel intersecting shafts
two non-parallel, non-intersecting shafts
Which statement is not true about shafts joined by Hook’s joint?
the shaft rotate in opposite directions
the shafts may rotate at different angular speeds
the axis of the two shafts coincide
the angle between the axis of the two shafts can be altered whilst the shafts are in motion
A universal joint is an example of
lower pair
higher pair
rolling pair
sliding pair
A Davis steering gear consists of four bar mechanism with
one pair turning and three pairs sliding
two pairs turning and two pairs sliding
three pairs turning and pair sliding
all four pairs turning
all four pairs sliding
All of the following statements are correct, except
for a kinematic chain to be considered as a mechanism, one link should be fixed
the Ackermann steering gear consists of three pairs turning and one pair sliding
in automobiles, Hook’s joint is used between gear box and differential
a minimum of four kinematic pairs are required in a kinematic chain
Which of the following is a false statement?
the Hook’s joint consists of two forks
the Ackermann steering mechanism is preferred to Davis type in automobiles because it is mathematically correct in all positions
Watt-straight line mechanism is an approximate method for generating straight line path
Scott-Russel mechanism for generating straight line has two lower turning pairs and one lower sliding pair
Scotch Yoke mechanism is used for converting rotary motion into reciprocating motion
Identify the correct combinations between particular kinematic chain and its inversion/inversions
four bar chain : Ackermann steering gear
slider crank chain : Whitworth quick return motion
double slider crank chain : Oldham’s coupling
cross slider crank chain : Rapson’s slide
All combinations are correct
A river is flowing from west to east at a speed of 5 meters per minutes. A man on the south bank of the river, capable of swimming at 10 meters per minute in still water, wants to swim across the river in the shortest time. He should swim in a direction
Due north
30o east of north
30o west of north
60o east of north
3.14 m/s
2.0 m/s
1.0 m/s
In the motion of a projectile freely under gravity, its ____.
Total energy is conserved
Momentum is conserved
Energy and momentum both are conserved
None is conserved

This test is based on AIEEE and IIT JEE syllabus.

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