Methods and Materials for working with children Assessment B Online Test

What is Pica?

How do you know that a child is developing Literacy skills?

What is Literacy?

What is the structure of a story?

Story telling is an imaginary journey. Which of the following make up this journey?

If you cannot have a partner to retell the story you can use other methods. Which of the following can you use?

What are some advantages to the retelling method>

What is the Retelling Method of Storytelling?

Movement activities help children to learn a variety of skills. From the list below please identify those which apply>

Which of the following are whole body movements?

Which of the following are not arm and hand movements that teachers use when working with early childhood populations.

Which of the following is not a finger movement.

Music can be used effectively with these populations

When music is combined with movement children can

Please identify music activities that are suitable for early childhood populations,

Teachers who wish to use group music activities to promote feelings of group pride should do which of the following

Music centers should include the following

Rhythm instruments can be used for which of the following -

When selecting songs for chidlren the adult must consider the developmental levels of the children. The best songs should

Which of the following would you wish to use in a Music Center?

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