Methods and Materials for working with Children Assessment A Online Test

Who is the theorist associated primarily with the examination of pay in the lives of children?

Who has suggested that Constructive Play initially occurs at the same time as the earliest stages of symbolic play?

Please indicate if the following statement is true or false.

Please indicate if the following is true or false.. Dramatic Play is interactive. Children invent symbols for ideas , feelings, and issues.

Simalansky has described dramatic play involving a social group as

Which of the following is not considered a part of the developmental continuim of play?

Play is described as being rooted in one of the following

What is the role of Play in the society?

Play allows children to do one of the following

Vygotsky the Rusian Developmental theorist suggests a number of reasons why Make Believe Play is important. They are are following

For the 3 - 5 years olds Play can be a Social Motivator. Spontaneous play contains which of the following -

When children play their activities serve many purposes. Identify the purposes for play?

Identify the ways in which Play helps children express, explore and integrate their emotions

Lowenfeld identified a number of stages of art. What was the chronological age that he identified for Spontaneous Scribbling.

Identify the stages of art skill development from the following

Which of the following are art supplies or tools?

Tempura paint is used in many early childhood programs. From the list below identify the reason it is often used.

Which is the least costly paper for use in the early childhood classroom>Manila

What are some clean up tools that should be present in the early childhood work areas.?

Which of the following are not early childhood painting activities?

What is paralell play?


This is an assessment for participants to examine what they know about play, Art, Music & Movement in the lives of young children.

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