As per KYC Guidelines of RBI, the Customers are categorised into ___ categories which are

RBI injects Liquidity through which of the following operations

Reply is required to be given under Right to Information Act in maximum within ______ days from the date of application.

On 19th May, 2011, Godhra branch of NavYug Bank Ltd. received a Garnishee Order attaching all sums owned by the bank to their customer named Rahul. At the time of the receipt of the order, Rahul has got the following accounts ln view of the Garnishee Order, which of the following cannot be attached at all ?(i) A current account in the name of Rahul with a balance of Rs.3,000. The sum of Rs.500 representing a cheque on another bank which has been sent earlier in the day for collection through clearing but which has not been realised, is included in the said balance of Rs. 3000. (ii) A fixed deposit for Rs.5,000 deposited on 20th May, 2011 for one year in the name of Rahul and maturing for payment on 20th May, 2012 and your bank has given an advance of Rs.4,000 to Rahul against the said fixed deposit.(iii): A joint current account along with Rita, wife of Rahul, with a balance of Rs.7,500. Rita is a house-wife and non-working lady with no independent income.(iv) An overdue unsecured loan account in the name of Rahul, wherein he owes the bank Rs.1,000.

The term Financial Inclusion has been defined as -

What is the maximum amount for the purpose of arbitration under Banking Ombudsman scheme 2006.?

ABC Bank had opened a saving bank account in the name of Mr. Subramanian and Murlidhar operated as former or survivor. The wife of Mr. Subramanian, who is nominee in the account comes to your branch and informs you that Mr. Subramanian has expired a month back. She also hands overthe death certificate and requests for payment of the balance.

Advances against their own shares are not allowed by banks because these are prohibited under:

On which among the following, a garnishee order is not applicable?

A Garnishee Order is an order issued by competent Court or authority ordering the debtor not to pay the debt to the creditor but it should be paid to the court to satisfy the claim entertained by it. The essentials of Garnishee Order are that (i) it should be issued by competent Court or authority (ii) it should be issued to debtor (iii) it must contain a warning to debtor not to pay the debt to the creditor (iv) it must contain a direction to the debtor to pay the debt into Court or to authority. An attachment order is received from Income Tax Officer for attaching funds lying in saving bank account of a person. In case, the bank fails to execute this order u/s 226 (3) of Income Tax Act:

Risk arising from failure of computer system and loss of data is:

The concept of HUF under Hindu law as well as Income-tax Act, 1961 is the same.HUF is purely a creature of law and cannot be created by an act of parties (except in case of adoption and reunion). A HUF is a fluctuating body, its size increases with birth of a male member in the family and decreases on death of a member of the family. Females go and come into HUF on marriage. In case of a sole male Hindu, strictly speaking, a HUF comes to existence automatically upon his marriage. It has been held that to constitute a joint Hindu family, it is not necessary that there has to be more than one coparcener in the family; a husband and wife can validly constitute a HUF.The liability of a minor co-parcener in an HUF, for the acts of a Karta is:

Financial inclusion involves

1.Covering rural poors in banking net.

2.Covering urban poors in banking net.

3.Providing jobs to poor people.

4.Providing vocational training to poor people.

5.Spreading banking awareness among poor people.

What is the no. of minimum and maximum shareholders in a public limited joint stock company:

The Banking Ombudsman Scheme enables an expeditious and inexpensive forum to bank customers for resolution of complaints relating to certain services rendered by banks. The Banking Ombudsman Scheme is introduced under Section 35 A of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 by RBI with effect from 1995. In regard to all first resort complaints forwarded by the Banking Ombudsman Offices the banks are expected to redress the grievances in the shortest possible time, but within days

Which of the following describes restrictive crossing under the Negotiable Instrumrents Act 1881?

New Delhi branch of Modern Bank issued a fixed deposit of Rs.4 lac for 5 years in the name of Mr. Satish Subramaniam who raises a loan of Rs.60000 against the FDR with a view to meet exigencies at a later

stage. He comes for addition of the name of his son, as he is not keeping good health for few months.

An endorsement is said to be Restrictive endorsement, if it satisfies which of the following conditions?

According to Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881, which of the following refers to “an instrument in writing (not being a bank note or a currency note) containing unconditional undertaking, signed by the maker to pay on demand or at a fixed or determinable future time a certain sum of money only to or to the order of a certain person, or to the bearer of the instrument”?

Who among the following is appointed by a court to look after the estate of a person who died without leaving a WILL?

If a minor admitted to a partnership firm for benefits becomes major and does not offer any declaration about either becoming the partner of the firm or about intention to leave the firm as a partner within 6 months of the date on which he became major or within 6 months of the date when he first got information about his status as beneficiary of the firm:

In a Partnership Firm, the Liability of a minor is

What does the acronym “CTS” stand for?

The Banking Codes and Standards Board of India was registered on 18 February,2006 under:

What is the Relationship of Banker with the payee of a draft issued by the Bank?

Cash shortage of more than Rs.___ not reported on the date of occurrence by the person(s) handling cash, shall be reported as fraud -

Foreign Trade Policy is declared by -

Which among the following is provided u/s 22 of Negotiable Instrument Act in the context of a Bill of Exchange:

In case of overdraft facility, where the account is showing credit balance temporarily, what is the relationship of the bank and customer.

When payment of a term deposit receipt is made, what is the amount of interest per financial year, for deduction of tax at source.

Which among the following, is the Authority that fixes the rate of interest on saving bank deposits in banks?

The rule of Clayton case comes into operations in respect of which of the following situation:

A saving bank depositor wants to cancel the nomination he had made in favour of Z. Which of the following form will be used?

Mr Khanna issued cheque for Rs 8000/- and left some blank space after the amount in words and figures and gave it to his clerk. His clerk added one zero after amount written in figures and Y in the amount written in words, making it as eighty and 80000/-. The account is debited for Rs 80000/-. Who is responsible?

Which of the following is not a negotiable instrument under provisions of Negotiable instrument Act:

Who can act as natural guardian in respect of a Hindu Minor?

Which of the following atatements pertaining to financial inclusion is incorrect?

A. An Ultra Small Branch is an intermediate brick and mortar structure between the base branch and BC locations so as to provide support to a cluster of BC units at a reasonable distance.

B. An Ultra Small Branches should have minimum infrastructure such as a Core Banking Solution (CBS) terminal linked to a pass book printer and a safe for cash retention for operating large customer transaction and would have to be managed part time by bank officers/ employees.

C.BCs can operate from Ultra Small Branches as their association with the branch will increase their legitimacy and credibility in the area and give people increased confidence to use their services.

D.An Ultra Small Branches shall be located between the base branch and BC locations so as to provide support to about 8-10 BC Units at a reasonable distance of 3-4 kilometres.

Advances guaranteed by Credit Risk Guarantee Fund Trust for Low Income Housing (CRGFTLIH) have to be assigned a risk weight of -------% for the guaranteed portion.The balance outstanding in excess of the guaranteed portion would attract a risk-weight as appropriate to the counter-party.

Relationship between Bank and Customer where the Customer has deposited the amount without giving full particulars and amount has been placed by the Bank in a Sundry A/c is that of

Can a Karta of HUF can become a partner of a firm, in his individual capacity?

Vostro account means ?

. “ASBA” Stands for……..

The Cash transaction report (CTR) is submitted by banks on a monthly basis to ----- and covers the following transactions:

Under risk categorization of customers, which of the following accounts is covered in the low risk category of customers:

While preparing the cash transaction report, the bank is not required to report individual transactions below Rs-----

Surinder singh, a saving bank customer, gave introduction of Ram Singh for saving bank account. Ram Singh defrauded the bank. What is the extent of liability of Surinder singh for the loss suffered by the bank?

In which of the following circumstances, the banker- customer relationship will be that of an agent-principal:

A poor person named Gariblal comes to open a saving bank deposit account but he does not have all the documents (such as proof of residence) for full compliance of KYC guidelines of RBI (Which one of the following will be most appropriate):

When a bank complies with the standing instructions, given by its customer, the relationship between bank and customer is that of:

Bank passed a cheque in the account of Mr. X by creating overdraft in the saving bank account, without consent of the customer, as the cheque was in favour of an insurance company and customer was an old customer. The customer sent a thanks letter to the bank for passing the cheque but refused to pay the overdraft when demanded by the bank, claiming that he did not make such request. An FDR is maturing in the name of the customer and bank wants to recover the amount from proceeds of FDR:


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