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Read the sentence and choose the option that best completes the sentence.

Rekha ---------- a teacher.

ia am are

She -------------- very busy in the morning.

is am are

She generally ------------ up at about 4 am everyday.

wake wakes waking

She --------------- a lovely garden.

have has having

She -------------- her ablutions and has a cup of tea.

finish finishes finished

Her daughter ----------------- for college by 9 am.

leave left leaves

Rekha ---------------- her lunch and leaves the house by 9.30 am.

pack packs packed

Rekha ------------------- Mathematics and is very popular in school.

teaches teach teacher

Her husband, a doctor ----------- an equally busy man.

is are am

The family ---------- closely knit and very helpful.

are is am

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SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE The use of Am Is, Are, verb forms with I, He/ She We You They It and the common structures used for singular and plural nouns and the basic structure of a sentence. The sentences will help in reconstructing an outline of regular day to day activities. A presentation can be made on What you do on a regular basis, like---- describe your morning schedule-----


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