Human Anatomy Online Test

PNS stands for

External Respiration means

Internal Respiration means

How many Types of Muscles we have in human body?

Outer Part of the Kidney is called?

How many organs are in EXCRETORY System?

among all which is the main organ of nervous system?

In Endocrine system, where is Thyroid gland is located?

How many organs or parts are in digestive system?

What is the other name of Pharynx?

What is the Description of Anatomical tem SUPINE?

How many bones we have in Vetebral Column?

Without which system we cannot see,feel oe smell anything?

How many systems we have in Human Body?

Lacrimal,Palatine and Inferior Conchae are in which part of human body?

how many kinds of Joints are in human body?

How many Types of Bones are in human body?

How many bones we have in Human body?

What is the Meaning of GROSS Anatomy?

What is the Meaning of Anatomy?


The questions of the test are between 30-40 questions and the test pattern will b simple to complex which helps u to know more about your many bones,tissues,joints n etc u have in your body.all the nine systems are covered in this test by which u can easily know that your which system is not working properly.


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why chest pain?

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