GATE Simulator test

What is the direction of flow of reactive power in a circuit?

What is the significance of reactive power in an electrical circuit?

Which of the following quantity gives rise to reactive power?

Which of the following is a source of reactive power?

Which of the following is a sink of reactive power?


Hello friends. I have cleared GATE twice in my 3rd year & final year of my college & that too without any coaching. I know students spend lakhs of money just to get into a PSU or to do M.Tech from IITs/IISCs. Believe me friends, you need not spend that much amount anywhere else. I thought of making these tests, just to give you an idea about what to study & how to study. You need not spend huge amount of money anywhere. I am presenting this first simulator test just to give you a taste. I will upload more tests soon. Since i am working in a Maharatna PSU, i have paucity of time but i will try my best to help you as much as possible.

This test is based on reactive power. I will be adding tests on such small but important topics so that your concepts become clear.

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