An object is thrown along a direction inclined at an angle of  with the horizontal direction. The horizontal range of the particle is equal to ____.
Vertical height
Twice the vertical height
Thrice the vertical height
Four times the vertical height
The height  and the distance  along the horizontal plane of a projectile on a certain planet (with no surrounding atmosphere) are given by  meter and  meter, where  is in second. The velocity with which the projectile is projected is ____.
8 m/sec
6 m/sec
10 m/sec
Not obtainable from the data
The range of a particle when launched at an angle of  with the horizontal is 1.5 km. What is the range of the projectile when launched at an angle of  to the horizontal?
1.5 km
3.0 km
6.0 km
0.75 km
A cricketer hits a ball with a velocity  at  above the horizontal. How far above the ground it passes over a fielder 50  from the bat (assume the ball is struck very close to the ground) ____.
8.2 m
9.0 m
11.6 m
12.7 m
A particle reaches its highest point when it has covered exactly one half of its horizontal range. The corresponding point on the displacement time graph is characterized by ____.
Negative slope and zero curvature
Zero slope and negative curvature
Zero slope and positive curvature
Positive slope and zero curvature
When a body is thrown with a velocity  making an angle  with the horizontal plane, the maximum distance covered by it in horizontal direction is ____.
A body of mass 0.5 kg is projected under gravity with a speed of 98 m/s at an angle of  with the horizontal. The change in momentum (in magnitude) of the body is ____.
A gun is aimed at a target in a line of its barrel. The target is released and allowed to fall under gravity at the same instant the gun is fired. The bullet wills ____.
Pass above the target
Pass below the target
Hit the target
Certainly miss the target
At the top of the trajectory of a projectile, the acceleration is ____.
A ball is thrown upwards and it returns to ground describing a parabolic path. Which of the following remains constant?
Kinetic energy of the ball
Speed of the ball
Horizontal component of velocity
Vertical component of velocity

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