XI_physics_gravitation_2 Online Test

The escape velocity of a projectile from the earth is approximately _____.
11.2 m / s
112 km / s
11.2 km / s
11200 km / s
The escape velocity for the earth is 11.2 km/sec. The mass of another planet is 100 times that of the earth and its radius is 4 times that of the earth. The escape velocity for this planet will be _____.
112.0 km/s
5.6 km/s
280.0 km/s
56.0 km/s
The escape velocity of a body on the surface of the earth is 11.2 km/s. If the earth's mass increases to twice its present value and the radius of the earth become half, the escape velocity would become _____.
5.6 km/s
11.2 km/s (remain unchanged)
22.4 km/s
44.8 km/s
Escape velocity on earth is 11.2 km/s. What would be the escape velocity on a planet whose mass is 1000 times and radius is 10 times that of earth?
112 km/s
11.2 km/s
1.12 km/s
3.7 km/s
Escape velocity on the earth _____.
Is less than that on the moon
Depends upon the mass of the body
Depends upon the direction of projection
Depends upon the height from which it is projected
If the earth stops rotating, the weight of a body shall
become zero
remain unaffected
The gravitational field due to a mass distribution is  in the x-direction. (K is a constant). Taking the gravitational potential to be zero at infinity, its value at a distance x is _____.
The masses and radii of the earth and moon are  and  respectively. Their centres are distance d apart. The minimum velocity with which a particle of mass m should be projected from a point midway between their centres so that it escapes to infinity is _____.
A rocket is launched with velocity 10 km / s. If radius of earth is R, then maximum height attained by it will be _____.
A body is projected vertically upwards from the surface of a planet of radius R with a velocity equal to half the escape velocity for that planet. The maximum height attained by the body is _____.

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