Software Testing

1.Based on the IEEE Standard for Software Test Documentation (IEEE Std 829-1998), which of the following sections are part of the test summary report?

a) Summary

b) Test incident report identifier

c) Test deliverable

d) Risks and contingencies

e) Variances

f) Approvals

g) Output specifications

2.Who typically use static analysis tools?

3.Which of the following is correct?

4.Given the following fragment of code, how many tests are required for 100% decision coverage?

if width > length


biggest_dimension = width

if height > width


biggest_dimension = height



biggest_dimension = length

if height > length


biggest_dimension = height



5.Which of the following is not considered as a benefit of testing tools?

6.Which of the following options is not related to static testing?

7.From the list below, select the recommended principles for introducing a chosen test tool in an organization?

1. Roll the tool out to the entire organization at the same time.

2. Start with a pilot project.

3. Adapt and improve processes to fit the use of the tool.

4. Provide training and coaching for new users.

5. Let each team decide their own standard ways of using the tool.

6. Monitor that costs do not exceed initial acquisition cost.

7. Gather lessons learned from all teams.

8.Which of the following statements describe why exploratory testing is a useful test design technique?

a. It can help derive test cases based on the internal structure of systems.

b. It is useful when there are limited specification documents available.

c. It is useful when there testing is constrained due to time pressures.

d. It is a cheaper alternative to more formal test design techniques.

9.Which of the following is a MAJOR task of evaluating exit criteria and reporting?

10.Postal rates for 'light letters' are 25p up to 10g, 35p up to 50g plus an extra 10p for each additional 25g up to 100g. Which test inputs (in grams) would be selected using equivalence partitioning?


ISTQB questions for software testers who are all in the foundation level. It is very useful. Take test and improve your knowledge in software testing and test your knowledge. This fully based on the ISTQB certification board questions. Make practice by attending this questions

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