Simple past (low intermediate) Online Test

I did born in Puerto Rico, but I lived in Miami.

I went with all my family to a nice place in Bahamas.

How many years did you have?

I had 23

Did you used to teach in that school?

No, I didn't

Was your mother angry with you?

Yes, she was really angry.

How did you find out that I was looking for that book?

I check the email that you send to my boss

Did Sandra and Karen reviewed the exercise?

No, they didn't

Did you visit the store next to the supermarket?

Yes, but I couldn't find what I was looking for.

When did you go to class?

Yesterday morning

Who did come to you?

I didn´t

Do you had dinner last night?

No, I don't

Did you took classes with professor Smith?

Yes, i took some classes.

When did you study German?

I studied German three years ago.

Were you born in New York?

Yes, I was

Were you living in Cuba?

yes, I were

Where were you born?

I borned in Miami.

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