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B received a b/r from A Rs 10000

entry in the books of A

carriege outward goes in

current assets = 10,000

current liablities = 7250

working capital will be

in bank reconsilation statement if balance as per passbook is 15000cr.

it is a

cost of machine = 10,000

loss on sale of machine 1000

machine will be

bought a new machinary Rs.10,000 paid Rs. 500 as installetion

machinary will be debited with

outstanding Exp. are consider in

formula of G.P. (gross profit)

received an v.p.p rs 500 from surya pvt. and carrige Rs. 50 charged on it

mohan started business with a loan of Rs. 10,000 which is took from ravi and cash 5000


it is a basis accounting test for test your basis skills in aacount and by this test you can grow your knowdledge and speed because i have give you very less time so it is a challange for you do u accepted if yes then give your answers. and it it is a base of accounting if you dont know the base of accounting you cannot lead in commerce because in commerce account is the is the main subject and in account and everything base is the most important thing



its wonderful thank you..............

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Very nice quiz it was Well Done
Abhinav Sood

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