Fundamental of Accounting Online Test

20. Which of the following is not fundamental accounting assumption:

19. Mr. X has a closing stock costing Rs.10,000 but its market value is Rs.12,000. He shows this stock at Rs.12,000 in the financial statement. He has violated:

1. The objectives of accounting are to:

18. Mr. X valued inventory on FIFO Basis & LIFO basis during 2006 & 2007 respectively. He has violated:

17. Which of the following is not a general accepted measurement base:

16. Personal transactions are distinguished from the business transactions of an accounting period in accordance with:

15. Which principle enable the management to compare the result of one year with those of other years:

14. The accounting concepts hold the business to be separate and distinct from its owner:

13. Income or Expenses which arises in the current period as a result of errors or omission in the preparation of financial statement of one or more prior period.

12. Fundamental accounting assumptions as per AS – 1 are:

11. Financial statement are part of:

10. On Jan 1, Ram paid rent of Rs.10,000. These can be classified as:

9. An economic event that involves transfer of money or money’s worth is

8. Internal users of accounting information includes:

7. Accounting covers only the following activities:

6. Cash flow statement shows:

5. Accounting equation is represented by:

4. External users of accounting information are:

3. What are the systems of accounting:

2. Branches of accounting are


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Some answers are wrong. They contradict the textbook. Eg. Basic accounting assumptions

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