NEET Biology Online Test

In the human evolution the first ancestors of humans to use tools & stones for hunting

Angiotensinogen is converted into angiotensin-1 by the harmone secreted by

The connecting link between annelida & arthropoda is

Anguilla starts & ends its life respectively in

Which of the following is/are livimg fossils

The region of eye where cones are abundant

The no of ATP's produced by the oxidation of 1 molecule of Pyruvic acid in anaerobic respiration

The pathogenic stage of entamoeba histolytica is

Humoral immunity is mediated by

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Multiple choice questions covering max no of lessons. It is helpful for various national entrance examinations such as NEET, JIPMER, AIIMS,etcMost of the entrance tests revolve around these tricky questions which are solved here for PMT preparation in particular the AIPMT, AFMC, AIIMS, AMU, BHU, JIPMER and WB JEE. Set apart, the question are exhibited with the help self explanatory figures

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