General Knowledge Online Test

Who is the present Chief Minister/ Head of Government of Jharkhand

Politician Sharad Pawar is the president of which Political Party?

Who is the current minister of Home affairs of India?

The current Railway minister is a member of which political party?

The smallest state of India is ______________ ?

The richest man in the country according to the Forbes Indian Magazine 2012 is:

Which 5 year plan is in effect currently?

Which is the Oldest University of India?

As per Purchasing Power Parity, Indian economy is the _______ largest in the world.

Who is the Supreme Commander Of Indian Armed Forces?


10 questions on general knowledge and current affairs. Try and solve with accuracy and don't just click on any option have some thought behind it and some pure knowledge based on the given tags. There is No negative marking. But there is a time limit of 30 minutes. That means 3 minutes per question.
Best Of Luck! :)

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