Project Scope Management- Test 1

In which document will you find the code of account identifier, statement of work, responsible organization, and a list of schedule milestones?

As a project manager, you use a WBS Dictionary to

Items at the lowest level of a Work Breakdown Structure are also called:

Your project is very critical for the company and must be completed within 6 months. The project charter has been signed, but Scope Statement is not yet prepared. Management asks you to go ahead with the project without the scope statement being approved. What should you do? (SELECT BEST ANSWER)

You are doing a project under contract, where you are supposed to create an anti-virus software product for the customer in 10 months. You follow the software development life-cycle which includes Analysis, high level design, low level design, coding, testing and rollout, with a deliverable at end of each phase. Your customer has defined the scope very well, and said that they would review your product after 10 months. In this case, you should:

Project scope management includes the processes required to ensure that the project includes all the work required, and only the work required, to complete the project successfully. In this context, project charter plays a very important role because it:

Scope verification is the process of obtaining formal acceptance of the project scope by the stakeholders (sponsors, clients, customers etc). Scope verification is a part of :

You are the project manager of a software company which is involved with creating an anti-virus software product. You are in the execution phase of the project when you realize that there was an omission in defining the scope of the project. What should you do?

Projects are usually chartered and authorized external to the project organization by an enterprise, a government agency, a company, a program organization, or a portfolio organization as a result of any of the following EXCEPT:

As a project manager, you are responsible for managing changes to the project scope. If during the end of the project, a customer wants to make a major change to the scope of work, you should:

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Questions on Scope Management.

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