Separation and Loss Online Test

When children have flat emotions after a loss what stage of the grieving process are they?

After the chidl has some understanding of their loss

The final stage of grieving is Resolution

What should family and friends do for children and youth in the Coping stage of Grieving

Children in the Coping Stage of the grieving process may

Identify the things that children in the understanding stage of grieving need to experience

Children who are in the understanding stage of the grieving process may

Which of the following is not a way to help chidlren who are grieving

The following are behaviors that may occur when children who are grieving are in the " anger out" stage of the process

Children who act out in anger when they are grieving may engage in the following forms of behavior.

Why is depression considered a part of anger?

What should adults provide for children in the bargining stage?

What process are children going through when they do the following engage in inappropriate behaviors so they can be " kicked out" of class

When children exhibit the following behaviors these behaviors may be symptoms of grief in what stage?

When children have suffered a loss and are grieving what stage are they usaaly in the process if the do the following

When children who have experiences a loss show extreme compliant behaviors and pretend that nothing bad has happened what stage of the grieving process are they usually in?

What kinds of behavior do children who experience grief exhibit ?

Loss can be in a number of areas. Identify these areas

Identify the five stages of Grief.

Children and adults have to be helped to manage their feelings of anger, guilt and sad feelings associated with loss.


This is an assessment of some basic information that individuals who work with children should have as they help children manage their separation loss that occurs in everyday life

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