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When a project is being performed under contract, the SOW is provided by which of the following?
A. The buyer
B. The project sponsor
C. The project manager
D. The contractor
E. A & C
Which of the following brings together a set of tools and techniques used to describe, organize, and monitor the work of project activities?
Project managers
Project management
The project initiation process group consists of
2 processes
Develop project charter
Identify stakeholders
All of the above
Which answer is most true?
Go/No-Go decisions are made at the beginning of a project
Go/No-Go decisions are made at the beginning of a project phase
Go/No-Go decisions are made during the project selction process
Go/No-Go decisions can be made during multiple points throughout the project life cycle
While building your project team, you decide to include a business analyst with extensive experience implementing, using, and managing tasks with the new chosen accounting software. This individual has managed and participated in other projects that are similar and knows how to work well with users, technical personnel, and management to get the software up and running. Your choice to include him is due to the fact that he possesses expertise in which PMI knowledge area?
Interpersonal skills
Application knowledge and standards
Software implementation
General management knowledge and skills
Which process group contains the processes that ensure the project includes the work required to successfully complete the project, and no more?
Project quality management
Project scope management.
Project integration management
Project risk management
You have just been made the Project Manager of the ABC project. You are trying to read the WBS and are unable to understand some of the WBS components. Which should be your first step to understand this?
Refer to the WBS dictionary
Refer to the scope statement
Refer to the Project charter
Contact the previous Project Manager
The project charter should always address all of the following except for which one?
The summary budget
The assigned project manager and authority level
The project purpose
The project team members
What should be implemented when determining how detailed the decomposition of the deliverables in the WBS should be?
The timetable to create the WBS
The priority of the project
The law of diminishing returns
The 8/80 rule
All of the following are characteristics of a work package EXCEPT
It is a deliverable or project work component at the lowest level of each branch of the work breakdown structure.
It is a summary task at the top level of the WBS.
It includes the schedule activities required for completion of the deliverable or project work component.
It includes the schedule milestones required for completion of the deliverable or project work component.
Define Scope is
The process of developing a detailed project scope statement as the basis for future project decisions.
Determining the responses needed to perform project activities
Analysis of activity sequence, duration, and resource requirements.
A written statement identifying the quality standards relevant to the project
During the course of the project it is important that the stakeholders be informed of the progress of the project. One of the reports that is frequently used is a progress report. Which of the following is true about progress report?
They allow stakeholders to judge the performance of the project according to its plan
They are generally considered to be overkill on very small projects
They require the use of earned value reports
They must be produced by the project manager
As you work on your project management plan, you want to review your organization's informal and formal policies. One of your team members gave you a list of possible items to review. Four items are on her list. Which one of the following is not an organizational policy whose effects on the project must be considered?
Continuous improvement targets
Status meetings
Employee performance reviews
Time reporting
A project manager is reviewing the work breakdown structure for her project. The WBS of the project represents
All the tangible items that must be delivered to the client
All the work that must be completed for the project
The work that must be performed by the project team
All the activities of the project
In a very large project having a budget of $5 million and a project team of over one hundred persons, the project manager constructs a work breakdown structure. The project manager will do the WBS to the detail level of which of the following?
WBS element
Work package
A project manager has just become the manager of a project. The document that recognizes the existence of the project is called
The product description
The project assignment
The statement of work
The project charter
A project manager is reviewing the scope of the project and the scope baseline of the project. This includes which of the following?
The original scope of the project plus or minus any scope changes
The original project schedule, budget, and scope
The original project description and project charter
The current budget of the project
A project manager is employed by a construction company and is responsible for the furnishing of the completed building. One of the first things that the project manager for this project should do is to write a ______?
Work breakdown structure
Budget baseline
Project charter
Project plan
A project manager makes a narrative description of the work that must be done for her project. This is called a:
Project plan
Control chart
Statement of work
Project objective
Typically signing of project charter is the responsibility of
Project Sponsor
Senior Management
Project Manager
Project stake-holders
All of the following are INPUTs to the develop Project Charter Process except
Organizational process assets, Contract, Business case
Project Statement of work, Contract, Business Case
Enterprise environmental factors, Expert Judgement, Project Statement of work
Enterprise environmental factors, Organizational process assets, Outputs from planning processes
A project charter
Formally authorizes the project.
Identifies the Project Manager.
Includes name, description, deliverables
Is written by a Manager higher in authority than Project Manager.
All of the Above


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