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Tax paid by the employer on non monitory perquisite provided to employee is to be treated as taxable perquisite in the hands of employee

Maturity proceeds of key man insurance policy is exempt from tax u/s 10(10D)

Compensation received on voluntary retirement is exempt u/s 10(10C) maximum upto Rs 3, 50,000

Salary for exemption of gratuity falling in the catagory of other shall be taken as average salary of 10 months immediately preceding the month of retirement or death

The term H.U.F stands for :

Residential has nothing to do with

A.O.P is the abbrevation used for

A.O.P should consist of

Body of individual should consist of

Residential status of an individual depends on the stay of the assesses in india during the

Mr. X is neither a government employee nor covered under the Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972. He has completed 16years and 8 months service. the number of completed years considered for gratuity exemption shall be

Un- commuted pension received by an government employee is

Gratuity received by the government employee is

Compensation received on voluntary retirement is exempt under sec 10(10c) to the maximum extent of Rs.

Dividend is exempt in case if it is paid by an

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