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Prof. Vineet received 6th pay arrears on 14th may 2011 retrospectively from 1st jan 2009. The arrears would be taxable in the previous year

Entertainment allowance in case of government employee is

The life insurance policy taken by a person on the life of another person who is connected and key to the business as employee is called

Entertainment allowance is deductable to the extent of Rs. 5,000 for a _____________________

Perquisite can be

A person by whom any tax is payable under Income Tax Act 1961 is called as

The financial year in which the income is earned is called as the

An _________ company is always resident in India

Income deemed to accrue or arise in India is taxable in case of

Income which accrue and arise outside India and also received outside India is taxable in case of

Income which accrue outside India from a business controlled from India is taxable in case of

Residential status is determined based on nos. of days stay in

Total Income of a person is determined on the basis of

Infourge Ltd. is registered in London the control and management of its affairs is situated in India, Infourge Ltd. shall be

Income which accrue or arise outside India but are received directly into India are taxable for case of

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