Child Development - Pre School Online Test

From the following please identify the provider child ratios in New York State for 4 year olds

What age group does NYS require a ration of 1:9 with a maximum group sixe of 24

What is the maximum number of children allowed by NYS for Family Day Care

Which of the following agencies provide licensing information for Early Childhood Program

When a child has a dream the child may awaken frightened and afraid is this a night terror or nightmare?

How can the teacher/Caregiver encourage an attitude of learning and discussion

Language development can be enhanced by storytelling. Which of the following is not helpful to the child?

What is the usual chronological age of the Pre School Child?

What are the language milestones that you would expect a preschool child to master?

Pre School children find great pleasure in repeating swear words. What is the best way of dealing with this interest?

Which of the following is not a pre school skill?

Which of the following is not a usual activity of the pre school child

Teachers and Caregivers need to help children learn the rules of conversation by helping the child to do which of the following

Social routines are important to help children become conversation partners which of the following would help the child in this area?

Identify those things that should be present in the writing center


This is an assessment for Child Development - The Pre School Child


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